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TAU PEDALS are pedals that offer an experience almost identical to those found in racing cars. Thanks to an advanced mechanism based on changing the pressure in the piston, TAU give you control and sensations you have never experienced before. The adjustability allows you to adapt them to your individual style - from the pressure to the angle of inclination. In addition to technology, they are also distinguished by design. Made of sandblasted stainless steel, they will decorate your stand, and their durability will ensure that they will serve you for years.
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A pressure sensor


The operating mechanism of the TAU pedals uses the change in pressure in the piston, which distinguishes them from other simracing solutions. By pressing the pedal, the user simultaneously depresses the piston, which changes the pressure. This pressure is then recorded by an analog pressure sensor. The analog signal processed in this way is directed to the Main Controller (DC). There, the signal is filtered and processed according to the user's settings. After processing, the signal is transmitted to the computer with a precise 16-bit resolution, which guarantees an extremely accurate pedal response.



They offer a wide range of adjustments to meet the requirements of the widest possible group of customers, allowing them to tailor them to individual preferences. The adjustment covers eight different ranges, which include changing the bumpers, the angle of the pedal lever, the position and adjustment of the pressure spring using a knurled knob, as well as changing the position of the piston, its base and the position of the pedal bead. Additionally, it is possible to adjust the entire clutch mechanism. All these options allow the user to customize the pedals both in terms of the position of the individual components and the force of the pedals.

  • What is Direct Controller?

    This is an HMI control panel responsible for the pedal software.

  • The most important advantage

    The key feature that distinguishes the DCV2 controller from the competition is the lack of need to use any additional applications. This controller itself contains all the necessary software to adjust key pedal parameters that affect the game.

  • What does it do?

    The DCV2 controller is designed to maximize driving realism, using features such as pedal mapping and dead zone adjustment. These options allow for a more faithful representation of the actual driver experience.

  • When do you need it?

    DCV2 offers the ability to save up to four different pedal setting profiles, allowing you to quickly change configurations, e.g. when switching between DIRT and F1 games. This significantly reduces the time needed to adjust settings. DCV2 is also useful in situations of dynamic changes in game conditions, allowing you to modify settings without leaving the game. These features make DCV2 an essential tool in the world of racing simulators.

General information

  • calibration using Direct Controler V2;
  • are only compatible with PC USB 3.0. Not compatible with XBOX or Playstation;
  • DOUBLE SET weight approximately 7 kg;
  • the base is not included.

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