Kacper Wróblewski

Kacper Wróblewski is a rally driver who started his career in 2007. His most important achievements so far include the title of 2nd Vice-Champion of Poland in class 2 in the 2021 season in the Polish Rally Championship, runner-up title in the general classification of the Slovak Rally Championship in 2020, Polish championship in the 2WD classification (cars driven on one axle) and in the 4 (cars with a capacity of up to 1600 cm3) in 2018. Since 2011, he has successfully competed in the Polish Rally Cup, and in the 2014 season he made his debut on the routes of the Polish Rally Championship during the Wisła Rally. Since 2019, Kacper Wróblewski has been competing for the ORLEN Team in the highest class of the Polish Rally Championship. In the 2021 season, together with their co-driver Jakub Wróbel, they won the title of 2nd Vice-Champion of Poland in the strongest class 2. Their rally weapon is the Skoda Fabia Rally 2 EVO.


Wally Kozerski

We present our competitor, Wally Kozerski, although he has not had any success in motorsport yet. His ambitious idea of ​​winning the Polish motorsport championship title within 10 years appealed to us so much that we did not hesitate to join the group of his sponsors. Wally, who started this adventure at the age of 36, is undoubtedly a visionary and a workaholic, although he claims that he has never worked a day because what he does is his passion. After 10 years of building the Divine Swines brand, he set himself another goal: a project called 'From ZERO to DRIVER'. His goal is to win the title of Polish Champion in motorsport by 2033. On a daily basis, he runs several business projects and is the founder of the Halo! foundation. Seven days a week, before work, from 4 to 6 a.m., he improves his skills on a racing simulator. Sim racing is a key and integral element of every racing driver's training. For our brand, it is a kind of experiment that we are happy to join at the very beginning. As a seasoned marketer with over 11 years of experience, Wally also has a mission to promote karting in Poland, the foundation of motorsport from which many F1 drivers drew their skills. You can follow his activities on his social media, all information is available at

rally driver

Patryk Grodzki

An enthusiast and master of the steering wheel, whose path from virtual simracing tracks led straight to real rallies. Its origins date back to the years when he completed his first laps in the world of simracing, gaining valuable experience on platforms such as iRacing and Richard Burns Rally. Now, as a licensed rally driver, he has been competing in the Polish Rally Championship since 2021, constantly striving for perfection both on and off the track.

Patryk is living proof that passion for motorsport and simracing can turn into real successes on rally routes. With an ambitious goal for 2024-2025 - winning the Polish Championship in the class of single-axle cars - nothing is impossible for him. His determination, combined with the support of the best equipment, which is undoubtedly the Peugeot 208 Rally4 prepared by the Peugeot Sport factory in France, is an inspiration for every racing enthusiast.

His story shows how the love for virtual racing can be transferred to real rally challenges, which makes him an ideal guide to the world of simracing.