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The Raptors clutch pedal is an essential item for racing simulation enthusiasts, offering exceptional realism and precision. It is characterized by a parabolic operating characteristic that perfectly imitates the operation of a real clutch in a racing car. Equipped with a HALLA sensor, it provides a smooth and precise response to every movement of the driver. Solid construction made of stainless and carbon steel guarantees durability and reliability. The adjustability of the pedal allows you to tailor the pedal to your individual preferences, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for maximum realism in racing simulation.
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Hall Sensor


The clutch pedal, designed with simracing enthusiasts in mind, offers an unrivaled experience of realistic driving. Its parabolic operating characteristics perfectly mimic the operation of a real clutch in a racing car. The HALL sensor used in the clutch pedal provides an accurate reading, allowing drivers to perfectly master the clutch torque. Additionally, the adjustability allows you to adapt the pedal to the individual needs of each player, which is important for achieving the maximum level of immersion and realism in the world of virtual racing.

  • Ball bearings

    Ball bearings in Raptors pedals ensure smooth and resistance-free pedal operation, minimizing friction and increasing the precision of movements. Thanks to them, the user experiences greater comfort and stability during the race.

  • Transducers

    The clutch pedal in the Raptors set is based on a HALLA sensor, the signal of which is processed by a 12-bit converter, ensuring smooth and accurate movement.

  • Regulation

    - Changing the operating range of the pedal lever;

    - Changing the angle of the pedal lever;

    - Changing the position of the pressure spring;

    - Changing the pressure spring force using a knurled knob;

    - Changing the position of the pedal foot.

  • Connection

    In the Raptors pedal set, the main controller is located in the gas pedal, which is the central point of the entire system. The remaining pedals - brake and clutch - are connected to it via cables equipped with convenient Jack terminals. This design allows for easy and quick installation and ensures a stable and reliable connection between the pedals.

General information

  • calibration using DIView software;
  • the pedal set does not contain a separate controller - it is permanently built into the gas pedal;
  • RAPTORS PEDALS is a “PLUG AND PLAY” game controller;
  • are only compatible with PC USB 3.0. Not compatible with XBOX or Playstation;
  • clutch weight about 1 kg;

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