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TAU HANDBRAKE for force measurement uses a loadcell up to 200 kg, the signal of which is processed by a 24-bit converter, which results in high measurement precision. A two-stage spring mechanism is responsible for providing the most realistic feeling possible.

The TAU HANDBRAKE adjustment range includes a seven-stage eyebolt mounting scale and a two-stage spring system, adjustable by a knurled knob. Thanks to such a prepared structure, TAU HANDBRAKE allows for a wide range of resistance force.

To adapt to different types of simulators TAU HANDBRAKE has the ability to change the position of the handle. For this purpose, a five-level scale has been designed, enabling the lever position to be changed in the range of 180 °. Additionally, the lever can be set parallel or perpendicular to the base.


  • Calibration with DIVIEW software. 
  • HANDBRAKE made of 3 mm stainless steel, sandblasted. 
  • It is only compatible with PC USB 3.0. Not compatible with XBOX or Playstation. 
  • Weighs about 2,5 kg.

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