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Raptors pedals are made of carbon steel powder coated in black, lever elements are made of brushed stainless steel. Pedal foot is sandblasted. Both the foot and lever elements have chamfered edges to minimize the possibility of injury when adjusting.

The rotating elements of the pedal lever and the rear spring mount are mounted on ball bearings, which affects the smoothness of operation and durability of the mechanism, by reducing the friction of the components.

The components that act on the lever vary from pedal to pedal, resulting in different pedal characteristics. The brake pedal contains a combination of elastomers and a spring, thanks to which we obtain a non-linear characteristic of the pedal's work, which is a reflection of the work of a real brake. 

wykres hamulca.PNG 30.08 KB

A linear characteristic can be observed for the throttle pedal, which uses a spring with a low impact force.

wykres gazu.PNG 23.07 KB

 However, in the case of the clutch, where a spring was also used, this characteristic is parabolic due to the changed geometry and design of the system. In the first phase of the pedal's work, the acting force increases and then gradually decreases, just like in a real clutch.

wykres sprzęgła.PNG 18.26 KB


RAPTORS PEDALS uses two ways to measure a physical quantity.

For the brake pedal, the value of the force acting on the LOADCELL is measured and converted by a 24-bit converter.

For the other two pedals, the displacement of the magnetic element located on the lever relative to the HALL sensor is measured. This measurement is analyzed by a 12-bit converter.


To ensure the possibility of adapting to a wide range of recipients, RAPTORS PEDALS have been designed to have the widest range of adjustments. The following is subject to regulation:

- Changing the operating range of the pedal lever;

- Changing the angle of the pedal lever;

- Changing the position of the pressure spring;

- Changing the force of the pressure spring using the knurled knob;

- Changing the position of the pedal foot.


- calibration using the DIView program;

- the set of pedals does not contain a separate controller - it is permanently built into the accelerator pedal;

- RAPTORS PEDALS is a "PLUG AND PLAY" game controller;

- the set includes two springs, which constitute a replacement set for the brake - this is an ideal choice for people who prefer a spring in brake;

- are only compatible with PC USB 3.0. Not compatible with XBOX or Playstation;

- weight of TRIPLE SET about 6 kg;

- the baseplate is not part of the set - it is sold separately.


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