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In order to show how the pedals, work operating diagrams and charts of relation of movement of the pressure force to the pedal lever have been created. These charts also show one of the many TAU pedals advantages, which is the realism of work translating into the feelings close to the real impressions.

A wide range of adjustments is designed for various customers in order to meet the need of individual demands. The adjustment range includes such elements as: changing the bump stops and the pedal lever angle; changing the position of the pressure spring; adjustment of the pressure spring with a knurled knob; change of position of the piston; change of the piston base position; change the position of the foot pedal.

The entire work mechanism is also adjustable.

All the adjustments allow the user to adjust the pedals in terms of the position of the elements as well as the force with which the pedals work.

The TAU pedals are made of 3 mm sandblasted stainless steel. This material, as well as its processing, make the pedals not only attract attention with their appearance, but also serve every user for years.


The pedal mechanism is based on the change of pressure in the piston, which puts them in the group of innovative solutions in the category of simracing pedals. When pressing the pedal lever with the foot, the piston is pressed as well. The pressure in the piston then changes and is processed by the analog pressure sensor.

The analog signal is sent to the main controller, where it is filtered and processed as per the characteristics set by the user. The analog signal processed in this way is sent to the computer in the 16-bit resolution.


The pedal set is equipped with the V2 DIRECT CONTROLLER - an HMI control panel responsible for the software of the pedals. The most important advantage of the panel distinguishing the controller from other, similar products, is the fact that it does not require any additional apps. The software is enough to change the settings of all the characteristic parameters of the pedals affecting the game. The main goal of the DCV2 is to obtain the greatest realism of driving possible. Elements such as pedal mapping and setting dead zones have been used to implement this concept.

In addition, the DCV2 software is extended with the option to save any four profiles of pedal settings. Thanks to this, when changing the game, e.g., from DIRT to F1, you don't have to reset the pedals, it’s enough to click on the previously saved F1 profile and that's it. This way you save time and can move to another game more efficiently. DCV2 will also be perfect in a situation where the profiles are not saved, and the surface has changed or the weather conditions have deteriorated significantly (e.g., it is raining). This situation does not require you to rush out of the game to setup - the DCV2 allows you to make changes while playing. Thanks to these advantages you will never want to go back from what the DCV2 gives you.


  • TAU PEDALS are made of 3 mm sandblasted stainless steel;
  • are only compatible with PC USB 3.0. Not compatible with XBOX or Playstation;
  • The weight of the whole set is about 11 kg.

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