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TAU SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER will take you right into the heart of the racing action, offering a realistic experience of sequential gearbox operation, just like in a real racing car. Its mechanism is based on a two-stage force change when switching gears, creating an authentic feeling of mechanical shifting. Moreover, equipped with non-contact Hall sensors, it ensures exceptional durability and precision. Each gear change in TAU SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER is additionally highlighted with a characteristic click, which adds authenticity to each maneuver. With TAU SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER, each of your rides will become a unique experience!
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Hall Sensor


Two Hall sensors are responsible for precise reading of the shifter lever position. They are sensitive to changes in the magnetic field generated by the magnet used. When the lever is moved, these sensors create a digital signal that is then transmitted to the controller. Thanks to this solution, the position of the lever is carefully monitored
and transformed into appropriate control signals.

Hall Sensor


Hall effect sensors offer many advantages, thanks to which TAU SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER gains even greater functionality and advantage. The most important advantages of this solution include contactless operation. Hall sensors work without physical contact with the measurement object, which reduces wear and increases their durability. Moreover, they provide accurate and repeatable measurements, which, combined with a quick response to the changing magnetic field, significantly improve the quality of the simulation.



The principle of operation of TAU SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER is based on a two-stage force change. Thanks to the carefully designed geometry of the structure and the appropriately selected spring, the mechanism simulates the effect of "breaking the force". This means that when changing gear, the user first feels an increase in force, which decreases after reaching a certain point. This mechanism faithfully reflects the operation of a sequential gearbox typical of racing cars, providing an authentic driving experience. The effect is also enhanced by the characteristic click when engaging and downshifting gears.


    A spring is used to adjust the shifter's operating force, the pressure of which - determining the gear shifting resistance - is regulated using a knurled knob. This solution allows you to easily and precisely change the force required to change gear, which allows you to individually adapt the device to your preferences and needs. The big advantage is that this change can be made while playing.


    TAU SHIFTER is distinguished by an adjustable handle that can be easily set in both vertical and horizontal positions. This is especially important when we want to mount the shifter in a vertical position.

    This functionality allows users to adjust the shifter to their individual preferences and driving style, significantly increasing comfort and convenience of use. Thanks to this flexibility, TAU SHIFTER fits perfectly into the various requirements and expectations of players, providing them with a unique racing simulation experience.

General information

  • TAU SHIFTER is a "PLUG AND PLAY" type of game controller;
  • aluminum handle;
  • is made of 3 mm sandblasted stainless steel;
  • It is only compatible with PC USB 3.0. Not compatible with XBOX or Playstation;
  • weight is approx. 3 kg.

Customer Reviews

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Max reality shifter

My strong recommendations
Great feeling correlated with correct range of motion
Force adjustment is also a good option for individual preferences

Mój ulubiony shifter

Prawdopodobnie najlepszy shifter, na jakim miałem okazję jeździć. Sztywny i responsywny. Regulacja twardości działa świetnie i można ustawić sprzęt tak, by czuć się jak w prawdziwej rajdówce.