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Why would You choose our products?

  • we solve problems related to the modern simracing,
  • we use our own and our partners' experience in creating products,
  • AW products are tested by professional drivers,
  • the materials used and their processing techniques make the equipment that will serve you for years,
  • our assortment will meet the requirements of both the beginner and the experienced Simracer.

Who we are

What is AW? In this case, the question should be - who is it? It is a married couple who wanted to combine their knowledge and skills into an idea that would give them satisfaction with their work and bring something to the lives of others. It is an amazing experience to be able to use the passion for car racing and motorization with the desire to run your own business. From a small idea to an accomplished goal. This is how the company Another Way was founded, which with its presence on the market wants to provide solutions for modern simracing and bring fun to racing enthusiasts.

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Bogusławki Małe 25C, Poland